Europe on a budget Tip 2: 2nd hand shops

I have discovered, here in Germany, that there are a great many rather expensive second-hand shops. These shops stock second-hand Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Prada and other brands which second-hand are just as much out of my reach as new.

Today however I chanced upon an Oxfam shop.

Unlike in Australia, Oxfam shops here in Europe seem primarily to be an op shop similar to Vinnie’s or the Salvo’s, they still sell a few fair trade bits and pieces but mostly second-hand clothing at real ‘op shop’ prices. I would have spent hours looking through everything but after 3 weeks of tying a scarf through my belt loops to hold my jeans up I went straight to the belts. What a score! For 6 euro I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous genuine-leather-made-in-italy belt. Yay!

Ta dah!

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