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For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else. —Winston Churchill


Thursday 8th of May I went to a party, where over 2 thousand people were invited, 538 people RSVP’d yes, and everyone was asked to bring a knife… …and a cutting board. Düsseldorf’s first ‘Schnippeldisko – Krumme Möhren und schräg … Continue reading

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Monday night Marmalade

With a collection of citrus fruits going bad there was nothing else for it but to make marmalade. I’ve made a citrus jam or marmalade (no idea what the difference is or why there is one, must look that up … Continue reading

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the road less travelled

A piece of sage advice from my younger brother: It is true. Despite the way the world has changed ‘travel’ of this sort is, ironically, still the road less traveled  When you get out here there are heaps of people doing … Continue reading

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Anyone would think we’d never lived without plastic!

Having invited Eva-Melina of inglorious plastics over with another friend for a girls evening of cheese, bread, tea and knitting, I committed in my shopping for our fare to going without plastic. I had it all planned out, my cheese man … Continue reading

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Sunflowers for strangers…

Things are difficult, scary, I’m not happy and I’m going underground for a while. Before I leave though I want to share something with you. A remedy if you will. I know that eating chocolate, icecream, watching happy movies, buying myself … Continue reading

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the good and the bad of bus drivers

I’ve already blogged a bus experience or two before. Today though has to be the best bus experience of all. Back in Australia I’ve watched, a helpless passenger, as a bus driver stopped his bus in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Multitasking to the max

Today I found myself in the bus for half an hour Skyping one-handed on my iPhone while balancing my bike, listening to music and (of course) looking stylish all the while! I love multitasking! I know, I’m a freak.

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