Who am I?

When you meet new people the key questions you will usually be asked in the first few minutes of a conversation include ‘where are you from’ and ‘what do you do for a living’ although people try to be discreet about the second.

Where am I from?

When asked where I am from I have a hard time answering. Once you’ve said Australia (if you are overseas) and people ask you where in Australia, that’s where I get stuck. I understand that people really just want to know which city/town you live in, but when the question is phrased, as it always is, ‘where are you from’ then naming the place where I most recently lived just doesn’t cut it for me. I have moved town, in most cases state, and twice country, every two and a half to three years since I was 7.

So when I’m asked where I’m from, the only answer I can give is Australia. I’m just not attached enough to any particular place that I’ve lived to give it precedence over the others.

What do I do for a living?

What kind of question is that anyway? What do I do? Well, a lot of things, and if you’re reading my blog then you’ll know that I’m not really sure about this answer yet either. What I have done in the earning money/career section of my life includes:

  • Babysitting
  • Fashion retail sales
  • Kitchenware retail sales
  • Other general retail sales
  • Reception at an optometrist
  • Recruitment support
  • Executive/personal Assistance
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Fashion styling
  • Modeling
  • Teaching fashion and wardrobing

More about me:

  • I often wish I could do more.
  • I have no tattoos yet. I know exactly what I want to get, but I’m in no hurry, if I get it when I’m 75 that’s ok too.
  • I love baths, especially with stress-less tea in them.
  • Bubbles make me feel insanely happy! I love bubbles! They’re so shiny and fun and just thinking about them makes me light up!
  • I don’t drink, that doesn’t mean you can’t, I have no big opinions about whether people should drink or not, I just don’t need to or want to and still have just as much fun, so don’t bug me about it, it won’t change. It’s also fun to be the only person who remembers exactly what happened J hehe.
  • I love travelling. There are so many amazing places to see, incredible people to meet and the best food you’ve ever tasted out there!
  • I cry, often, for all kinds of reasons, mostly to do with films.
  • My earliest memory of crying in a film was watching Disney’s the Little Mermaid when I was 6 (I think, will need to get my parents to validate that statement). Instead of crying at the sad and scary parts, where Ursula is threatening the lives of all Ariel loves, I cried at the end, when Ariel is all happily married to her Prince charming. I cried because aged 6 I thought that leaving your father was the saddest thing in the world.
  • To be honest I still think that.
  • I have also been known to cry during television series that I don’t follow at all and thus have no prior connection with the characters.
  • I love movies and books, they often help me deal with things going on in my life, give motivation, inspiration and cause sudden revelations.
  • Sometimes I don’t like them as much, when they make me feel like I’m missing out because I’m not following my dreams (which there are a great many of, so it depends on the movie as to which dream I feel bad about).
  • I don’t watch much TV, I don’t really have time, and if I do get time I very rarely find something I want to watch. I think TV content has gone really downhill.
  • I’m a morning person and sometimes get grumpy if it’s after 10 and I’m still out of bed.
  • It’s a good thing if you’re visiting me though because it often means that by the time you get up there’ll be a cake in the oven and breakfast on the stove.
  • I love to cook and to bake, especially if there’s someone to cook and bake for. The more the better!
  • I really wish I could put my thumb and forefinger in my mouth and whistle like the farmers do. That’d be cool.
  • I love it when people completely break stereotypes and try to break them myself as often as possible.
  • I’m a dog person, there’s a part of me that likes cats too, but I grew up in outback Australia where cats are the enemy, I’m also allergic to a lot of breeds.
  • I don’t see why cereal should be only for breakfast.
  • Or, for that matter, why ‘dinner’ foods shouldn’t be eaten first thing in the morning. It makes more sense really.
  • I’m skinny but I’m healthy and I work to maintain it, so leave me alone.
  • I have met lots people skinnier than me who are also healthy. Don’t take your insecurities out on us. Everyone is beautiful; size is not a part of this, all that matters is being healthy and happy.
  • I like space! It’s a result of growing up in outback Australia.
  • I thought I was pretty ok with being close to people, but now bigger cities and more crowded countries where people have a different concept of personal space, I’m realising that sometimes some people stand too close to me for comfort.
  • I often tell people that I can’t count and laugh about it to dismiss my mistakes. It’s a ruse, I can count, just not quickly and particularly not under pressure, so if you want the right change and don’t want to wait then don’t stare me down and let me work it out on the calculator.
  • I love to get proper hand written letters. I love to write proper hand written letters, particularly with a proper calligraphy pen.
  • I wish I had neater handwriting.
  • I hate getting bills, but pay them anyway.
  • I used to have both my belly button and my nose pierced.
  • If I could get any plastic surgery it would be something to get the belly button piercing back. I really liked it.
  • Scarlett O’Hara (from the book not the movie) is my idol.
  • I am living a fairytale and think wherever possible everyone should make a concerted effort to do the same.
  • If you think that’s rubbish then I think you’re envious.

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