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Blue Sheep, Red Lily

Blue Sheep Red Lily takes you on a vivid and at times surprising journey through fourteenth century Florence. With spectacularly detailed imagery the story follows the life of Cammilla, a poor farming girl, accross four generations at the same time providing insight into the political and social movements and events which shaped Florence. From the bustling food markets to dying bottega’s, marriage, church visits, births and the black death, Blue Sheep Red Lily is the closest you will get to experiencing fourteenth century Florence first hand. You won’t be able to put it down! I found myself so wrapped up in Cammilla’s story I read it every train ride and coffee break desperate to know how her life would unfold.

A must read whether or not you plan to visit Florence soon!



For The Reluctant Environmentalist…

We all know someone (or are someone) who wants to do the right thing by the planet, but just can’t bring themselves to sacrifice that pretty French manicure. Someone worried that going green means giving up perfume, hair dye, shoes. Never fear! Gorgeously Green is here!

‘Gorgeously Green’ shows even the most reluctant environmentalist how to be exactly that!

Author Sophie Uliano has created a fantastic 8 step guide to help you on your green journey. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of your life from beauty and body through to cooking, cleaning and even travel. Understanding that not everyone will be prepared to change their entire lifestyle in the blink of an eye, at the end of each chapter Sophie asks the reader to make just one green commitment, something as easy as ‘Buy a bottle of nontoxic nail polish’. Be warned though – the contents of this book cannot be unread! Rather than just one small change I found myself compelled to overhaul whole areas of my life.

While the book is targeted primarily at a US audience the content is universal and the products and brands mentioned are from around the globe, even Australia’s Jurlique (one of my personal favourites) gets a mention!

Sophie also includes a handy little survey at the start and end of the book so that you can measure your progress towards an earth friendly life.

A handy reference, a guide, an inspiration, Gorgeously Green is a lovely gift.

Gorgeously Green : 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life


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