the road less travelled

A piece of sage advice from my younger brother:

It is true. Despite the way the world has changed ‘travel’ of this sort is, ironically, still the road less traveled  When you get out here there are heaps of people doing similar things, but not enough that these things are considered normal. Not enough people to have smoothed the way and trampled a nice neat groove of a path. We still need to scramble our way up steep hills and navigate through scary jungles, become completely lost, but never turn around and go back. Instead look for another way out of the labyrinth.

It is clear to me that he has learnt and grown so much more from his experience than he might have had he stayed put. With all of 23 (when he wrote this to me) he already had a wisdom about him which I admire greatly.

My brother and I on the road less traveled.

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1 Response to the road less travelled

  1. Debra and Lindsay says:

    An extraordinary achievement and one undertaken with great courage and determination. An inspiration for others to follow.
    Your proud parents

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