A nice bit of crumpet…

It’s funny how not being able to have something, even if you didn’t have it so often when you could get it, tends to make you crave it. In Germany crumpets are not sold in supermarkets (or I haven’t ever found them), even the little ‘Food From Home’ shop where one can buy staples like vegemite, milo, self raising flour etc. has been out of crumpets everytime one of us has visited over the past year.

After a crumpetless 2013 what better way to start 2014 then to make our own and stock the freezers!
Growing up with all of the mass produced products available in supermarkets I’ve often not considered that at sometime or other these products (crumpets, english breakfast muffins, biscuits, breads etc) were made in the home.
Because one doesn’t want just any crumpets, but rather the perfect crumpets, we followed this recipe from the guardian http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/mar/21/how-to-cook-perfect-crumpets
I remember a friend commenting something about her mother believing everything if the guardian had written it so I figured they would know how to make a good crumpet!
Unfortunately I forgot to buy crumpet rings so we had to use cookie cutters and have heart and star shaped crumpets:
The batter was looking good after the first 1.5 hour ‘rising’ – It’s winter so I used the oven, after adding the bi-carb though and the second rising there were fewer bubbles.
They turned out ok though. I might have to make heart shaped crumpets everytime!
They even taste vaguely like bought crumpets… they were a little salty and a little doughy, I think this is more because of my lack of proper measuring utensils than the recipe. Definitely has potential though, it will be nice to have a freezer full of crumpets again!
If you try them let me know how yours turn out.
Have a wonderful start to 2014 everyone!
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1 Response to A nice bit of crumpet…

  1. michaela says:

    they look really good. I think I will try them next weekend.

    Michaela (der Alltägliche Wahnsinn)

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