Chamomile tea, brownies and food from strangers.

Today was a beautiful day!

View from the hostel window this morning

Today I managed to only spend 1 euro on food! Breakfast is included in the room rate for the youth hostel, so I filled up!

I went back for hot chocolate, and realised that the muesli had chocolate chips in it so got Jam for my bread instead and tucked the Nutella away for another time.

Then the Taiwanese girl who had been sharing the dorm with me was flying out today and had a bread roll from the day before which she wouldn’t need. She gave it to me with some honey and jams so that was lunch sorted! I ate lunch in the historic part of the city, the weather was lovely today.

My view at lunch

After that I went to work at the cafe where I got to have dinner (Quiche and salad) and then got to take home a broken brownie and the last sandwich that didn’t sell!

view from the old bridge on the way back to the hostel after work

Now I am sitting here looking at almost the same view with a chamomile tea that cost me 1 euro which I have already had refilled with hot water. Yay!

Sleep tight!

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1 Response to Chamomile tea, brownies and food from strangers.

  1. Yoho says:

    Am so absolutely proud of your silly, adventurous self. ­čÖé

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