Stacey goes home!

After weetbix, soy milk and a raw egg for breakfast (she wasn’t impressed, but ate it anyway) we took our stray to the after hours vet for scanning.

They scanned her & she was microchipped YAY! Good start. The vet nurse double and triple checked her number and after calling all the databases let us know that unfortunately while microchipped, our stray’s details hadn’t been registered.

After a run, (she was going mad in our tiny little apartment, definitely not an apartment dog!) we took her home and I went straight across the road to the shops with some dodgy handmade FOUND posters.

As soon as I had put the shopping down we got a call from a very distraught young man whose dog had got out. The poor fellow, who lives two houses down from our unit block, had been up till two in the morning sick with worry about her.

We took her straight over and returned her to her relieved people, who are going out directly to get a tag engraved for her!

A happy ending to Stacey’s adventure 🙂

And the moral of this story is…. if you have your pet microchipped follow-up and ensure that your details get put into the register AND always have a proper collar and name tag with your details on your pet. It makes it much easier to get them back to you quicker.

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