Stray Dogs in Supermarkets.

I popped across the road to our local IGA yesterday for double smoked ham and free range eggs (mmmm Carbonara!) and came home with a puppy dog.

She was wandering around the supermarket and at first I took no notice of her. It could be normal for a dog to be in a supermarket, it’s not entirely unacceptable. Then she proceeded to try to get the chickens and I thought perhaps she ought not to be in the supermarket after all.

I coaxed her up to the counters to find she’d been hanging around for two hours and had also visited the local gym. No one seemed to know what to do with her so here she is!

She’s exceptionally well-behaved and very well looked after, there were storms yesterday afternoon though and she was very scared!

We will find a vet today to have her checked for a micro chip.

In the mean time everyone send out messages into the etha for the owners to drop by the supermarket.

More soon……

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