The perils of a good relaxing bath!

Who doesn’t love roasted vegetables?! They’re fantastic, I especially like roasting an assortment of root vegetables, beetroot, carrot, parsnip! For dinner on Sunday I had all of these. On one side of my baking dish I tossed trimmed beetroot and parsnip with rosemary whole garlic cloves, salt and pepper. On the other side I had slices of pumpkin and sweet potato. Yum! What a fantastic dinner! So in the oven it all went, initially at 150°C then I decided to turn it up to 180°C because I didn’t want to wait forever for those vegetables.

Then I ran myself a bath. Mmmmm! A beautiful bath with lavender bubble bath and I put some ‘stress less’ tea in my bath so I could float amongst the chamomile, lavender, skullcap and citrus peel. I made myself a cup of Lime Sencha tea, hopped in the bath and lay back with a mud mask on to drink my tea. What decadent luxury! How wonderful.

Aaanndd… I fell asleep.


I awoke with a start when my wonderful partner rushed in yelling ‘babe the vegetable’s are burnt!’
In the infamous words of Winnie the Pooh ‘Oh bother!’
They weren’t THAT burnt though, we still ate them and had a lovely dinner. Still, perhaps not advisable to fall asleep in the bath, or maybe the message is don’t get in a bath when the oven is on. Either way ; )

Take care all!

Amanda xoxo

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