Study and chocolate, a chicken and the egg question…

I’m on a roll with my studies, feel great about this assignment, although I must confess I have 6 different blocks of chocolate open on the coffee table. No, that’s a lie, two blocks are the same and only one of them is open.

I’m not sure where the desire for chocolate sets in. Is it when I’m stuck and don’t know the answer, motivational chocolate? Or, is it when the answers flow, reward chocolate?

So am I on a roll because of the chocolate or am I eating the chocolate because I’m on a roll.

There are other foods on the table as well, a lemon twist pastry thing, half a banana and a cup of jasmine tea. Could these be influential factors in the situation? There are several food groups represented here, although my pyramid is a little top-heavy…


What nonsense!

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1 Response to Study and chocolate, a chicken and the egg question…

  1. Sara says:

    Chocolate is obviously helping you study! It’s a vital ingredient! xox

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