Christmas Spirit!

Inspired by Sara’s piece on Christmas Spirit I decided to get Baking!

Armed with the
Women’s Weekly
gingerbread recipe
and my trusty
brandy bottle
rolling pin I decided
that this years
Christmas gift was
to be Gingerbread
Christmas trees.

All you need is a set of different sized star cookie cutters:

For one Christmas tree cut out two of each size star. Make extra for other trees or in case you burn them like I did!

Once your gingerbread stars are out of the oven and have cooled lay them out in order (largest for the bottom):

Then stick them together with royal icing alternating the points of the stars:

Until you have a nice little tree shape like this:

Then use the royal icing to make pretty snow to cover your tree:

Add some christmas baubles and viola!

A simple concept and recipe and very effective!

A little time consuming though so in the end some people just got single stars with their name on it and ribbons through to hang as Christmas tree decorations:

Although I did learn that these are not the most effective gift if there is any chance of humidity. The gingerbread goes soft and falls off the ribbon… and sometimes the dog gets it.

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