Late night chocolate fudge brownie cravings

Last night at 9pm (I know, but it’s late for me) I was overcome with a desire for Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Not very logical considering it was 0 degrees out. The craving then moved to Chocolate fudge brownies, and then to warm chocolate fudge brownie sundae. My excitement at the prospect increasing all the while, much to the disbelief of the fellow sitting across the table from me, after all, we had just finished a massive dinner of roasted potatoes, parsnip, carrots, beetroot, zucchini and cauliflower cheese. He concluded (probably rightly so) that this was a side effect of my having been on a detox for the past week eating nothing but fruit and vegetables often in liquid form.

Rather than just letting a good craving pass and getting on with the evening I decided to seize the moment and got googling! I was thrilled to find that all required ingredients were already in said fellows cupboard and got to it!

I used this recipe, found after searching for ‘best chocolate fudge brownies’ – great way to find recipes if you haven’t tried it, why settle for just any recipe when you can have the best ever recipe for something? It’s based on a Nigella recipe and lets face it, if decadence is the aim Nigella’s your girl:

(I halved the ingredients and used slivered almonds instead of Walnuts.)

Once he realised I was quite set on baking brownies, said fellow started, of all things, to lament! Quite a hilarious and unexpected outcome.

Apparently, if I made brownies this automatically meant that he was going to have to get up to go to the supermarket (down three flights of stairs and next door) to buy ice cream. The way he saw it, I was going to produce brownies, and then when it came time to eat them, I would say ‘well I baked the brownies, you go get the ice cream’. Ha! Brilliant conclusion! I hadn’t even started baking yet and he got all that way without my having even thought it yet! What more could you want from a man? I laughed peals of chocolate-brownie-craving-crazed-hysterical-girly-dr-evil laughter and got to it!

Ingredients Brownie Slab

Brownies are so easy and quick! I had no idea. Within an hour we had hot brownies with (begrudgingly got) vanilla ice cream.

Mmm Brownies

I would highly recommend giving into a good brownie craving and having a go at them if you haven’t already!

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