Cooking again!!!

I hadn’t realised it had been such a long time since I’d baked! 4 weeks!

While I was staying with my couch surfing friend I took to her kitchen and whipped up Banana bread for her birthday and then two batches of muffins, just because I could!

It was so nice to be cooking again! The Banana bread came out really well. The muffins I based on a basic recipe I found on the internet, propped my iPhone up on the bench and got to baking! Low fat wholemeal apple, walnut & cinnamon and raspberry & almond muffins. The apple ones were the best. The raspberry ones weren’t so good but we ate them anyway.

I was glad any of it turned out really, it is always difficult to adjust to baking in another country, the flours and other ingredients are often slightly different so things don’t always go the way they usually would.

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