Trading cards

Some days I feel like I’m going around in circles! It’s like trading cards, I swap one  I have for another one but don’t end up with any more cards than I had before. Just different cards.

The interview on Monday was fun, if you’re allowed to use the word ‘fun’ in description of an interview. The people were really nice, it felt more like an induction than an interview. I kept getting asked things to the effect of ‘does that sound interesting’ and ‘do you think you’d like to work here’. The more I heard the more I thought I would, the job was repetitive and process intensive but the potential international opportunities within such a massive multinational company were obvious. At the same time I had to wonder if this would be selling out as I’m not entirely sure my values would match with all of the goings on and wider associations of the organisation.
Also I found out during the interview that it wasn’t a maternity leave position, the woman had left and got a job somewhere else, and that while they were advertising it as a six month contract they’d actually like to extend it for longer. I nodded and smiled and agreed and said yes I could work for more than six months and that my visa is valid until March.

By Thursday I hadn’t heard anything and was contacted by another organisation (a very bright lovely organisation, also multinational, definitely more in tune with my values) and offered an interview on Friday.

Aaaggh! Dilemma. I didn’t want to muck any organisations around, but I need a job and I like this organisation so of course I went.

This interview was great as well, it was more like a normal interview, discussing my background etc. I really like the people and the job is not high stress all of the time and certainly not repetitive. It’s  only part-time, so at this stage it would be weighing up money with morals. That’s how it always works though isn’t it. Otherwise we’d all join Greenpeace or Oxfam or another ‘save the world’ organisation and spend our lives fighting crimes against the environment and humanity. If it weren’t for the fact that we needed the money.

Lucky for me the world decided for me the dilemma was diverted, the world decided for me and put me back on the right track.

The first job was a no ‘they really liked you but have gone with someone else because really you were only looking for a job for six months’. Hmmm, did I say that? Wasn’t the job advertised as a 6 month job? Anyway, trade that card in and I got offered a second round interview for the really lovely, bright, friendly helping people job. YAY!

So that’s the interview I’m waiting to attend now. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Sometimes trading this interview or application for that one but not ending up with any more cards in my hand.

I hope that changes soon!

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1 Response to Trading cards

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey Amanda! Finally remembered to search your blog (and the title! yay!). Lost the link when I went on mat leave. Have just gone back to work.
    Am looking forward to catching up on your blog… between baby naps and nappies and the rest!


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