Loose ends…

When you travel things are often very intense and happen very quickly, so here is a brief wrap of how some of the issues of the past few weeks have resolved themselves, (or not):

  1. The $1000 I transferred eventually came back to my Australian bank account albeit less a few additional exchange and transaction fees. So there was an $85 lesson in how NOT to transfer money internationally. Oh well. I’m sure it won’t be the last expensive lesson.
  2. I still don’t have my tax number thing. The story goes – I went to get the tax number, only to be told I should have registered my arrival in Germany (see post a day of wins and loses). At the next available opportunity I registered and then went straight to the Finanzamt only to be told that the registration takes up to 10 working days and I needed to wait to get an identification number in the mail. Thanks guy at the council who didn’t tell me that when I registered! Thanks a lot! So I’m still waiting for that precious little number before I can get a proper job and earn more than 400 euro a month.
  3. I found headphones for 12 euro (and they’re pink).
  4. I did a trial shift at the Aussie pub, it’s not for me, I’m not a pub person and I can’t count change quickly, the whole concept was well out of my comfort zone. I also realised after having positive feedback from some other places that I got too desperate too quickly and that I shouldn’t have any problems getting a job in a fashion retail store and other cupcake, ice cream shops etc. with nice normal hours and who don’t mind me using a calculator to work out people’s change. I’m now going to delicately manage my not ever going back there again in such a way as to avoid burning any bridges in case I do end up desperate enough to need to work there.
  5. I have bought myself a little pocket calculator for my work in the cafe.
  6. The Swarovski owner wasn’t sure if I was ‘qualified’ to work in his store, I bit my tongue so as not to point out that actually I was well over qualified and if he thought otherwise he could… well you get the picture. Instead I was very nice and said I’d be willing to do a trial shift. He hasn’t called me.

Have I missed anything?

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