A day of wins and loses

Today was ups and downs. After going to get my tax number I found out I was supposed to have registered the fact that I have arrived in Germany. I know, I know. This is a really obvious thing to do. I knew you had to do it for the Holland working holiday visa, it was written in the paperwork. For some unknown reason, and I did look for it because I thought it was odd that I didn’t have to, none of the paperwork I have or could find in the internet about my visa says anything about this.

So, couldn’t get my tax number today (council organisations shut at 12 on Fridays and don’t open again until Monday). After that I had a little moment and burst into tears, just for a minute, then quickly mustered up some self-control again and kept going.

The afternoon got much better!
An email from the bookshop inviting me to do unpaid work experience during the month of May! And… much to my surprise, an email from the Swarovski shop inviting me to an interview! The email was written in imperfect English and it turns out the Swarovski shop is owned by an Asian man. Perhaps we will have something in common he and I.

It will be a busy Wednesday. Interview with Swarovski at 3pm and trial at the Australian bar at 5pm. This means I’ll have to carry a change of clothes without it looking like I’ve got a change of clothes stuffed into my handbag. Hmm! Challenging.

I’ve also found a book club for English-speaking expats who meet once a month. The next meeting is Thursday and the book this month is…. Pride and Prejudice! Meant to be 🙂

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