Getting desparate…

After a(nother) day of feeling really overwhelmed and dismal at trying to find work in another country in another language I got defiant! I went hell-for-leather through the streets with a bag of resumes and cards with my contact details on them saying that I am enthusiastic, energetic, motivated and a hard worker. The whole time I was on the verge of tears from feeling overwhelmed and desperate.

First of all I went to the Youth Hostel, I wanted to know where it was, I also hoped there would be some fantastic noticeboard with lots of lovely people looking for flat mates in share houses or something of the sort. It was a lovely hostel, complete with giant chess set. There was a reception desk and a notice board but not with housing or other classifieds. I went to the reception desk and said to the girl that my name was Amanda and that I didn’t really know why I had come here. We sort of stared at each other for a second, I don’t know what I was expecting, everything, nothing. Then I decided that the next best thing I could do was ask for a job so I did that, handed up my resume, but it’s not promising, the manager on duty said something to the effect of them having to hire locals or something. I didn’t quite understand.

Still, I know where the youth hostel is now and have their price list and details in my diary in case of emergency.

Admittedly it took me a long time to find the Youth Hostel. I got lost several times, found other nice and interesting parts of the city though. After this I wandered back over to the other side of the city, using a different bridge to the one I had come over on, and found a cookie shop. It’s not cupcakes, but cookies and brownies are close enough, and it’s mostly pink. So I wandered in and asked for a job. The owner turned out to be from Boston originally and spoke to me in English. After a blunt chat she agreed to let me do a trial day on Saturday. A little win! Yay!

I continued back through the city and past a Swarovski shop, the previous I’d noticed the sign in their window advertising for Mitarbeiter/in. I had not approached then because the shop is really fancy and I thought, oh they’ll never take me! Today I thought, stuff it! I’ll try everywhere. So I left them a resume, although the girl seemed disappointed that I couldn’t speak russian. Apparently they’re big tourists in Germany and bring the money.

I checked back in at a lovely big Bookshop which I had dropped my resume off to the week before. I’ve been in to visit nearly each time I go to the city. It’s just nice to look at all the books. To watch the people in the cafe on the bottom storey. You can get lost in dreamlands and forget the outside world. I love books and bookshops.

Lucky for me the manager was there, we had a big chat, she didn’t seem to have any problems with my German. They don’t have any positions available at the moment but I was told that I might be able to do un paid work experience instead. She’ll call me back tomorrow to let me know.

Then on to the Aussie Pub. I’ve never worked in hospitality, and never really been a pub girl. But, desperate times and all that. I didn’t expect visiting the Australian Pub to effect me so much. There were so many familiar things though, number plates and road signs. Some nice young Australian people behind the bar. I asked them if there was any chance of a job at first they didn’t know then I mentioned that I was having a hard time finding work and that I couldn’t do here the same jobs as I’d done in Australia as my German is not perfect. Then I got ‘You’re Australian?! Hang on a minute’ then he got the supervisor and told him this Australian girl is looking for a job. I was told to come back at 6pm to speak to the manager. Clearly my accent isn’t as overtly Australian as I thought it was.

I wandered off again and found a gorgeous dress shop. I have decided I will have to treat myself to one of the dresses before I leave Germany. I was chatting to the owner for a while, she thought I was Swiss. Another little win! Yay! I asked her as well if she had any jobs available, which she didn’t but she was very lovely and said that if she had any jobs she would certainly have employed me because she liked me and that is important. A very lovely and encouraging lady. I will see more of her if I manage to get employment at the Aussie pub.

I wandered around some more, putting resume’s in at clothes shops and waiting for 6pm. When i went back into the Aussie Pub my emotions started to get the better of me again and I almost cried while waiting for the manager. Just managed to keep it all at bay though! The manager was impressed with my resume, with all of my diploma’s, degrees and other studies. The only person so far who they seem to have interested. He has given me a trial shift but has also said that he’s got a job for me. I hope this goes well. Another little win.

On the other side of things though I’ve just realised that I need to get a tax number and some other things organised before I can work for the pub.
Somehow I missed that.

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