Christmas Leftovers

As everyone, we are now trying to get through our Christmas left overs without wasting anything.

So boxing day morning I decided to make our Christmas dinner leftovers into a breakfast of savoury crepes. This is so easy, you can use nearly any leftovers and it’s really yummy!

We had left over mushroom, spinach & pearl barley risotto – which my brother & his mate cooked up based on this recipe, but switching out half the rice for pearl barley and using duck fat from our roast duck instead of oil (I recommend you try it, so yummy!) –
Whole roasted sweet potato, and capsicum:


So I made up a plain crepe batter (no sugar) and set one of the boys to crepe making duty…


Then just piled our Christmas day leftovers into the centre…


Wrapped them up, put them in a baking dish with a sprinkling of cheese and pepper…


and baked them for about 20 minutes until all the Christmas day leftovers were properly heated through…


Breakfast is served!



What fabulous things have you done with your Christmas leftovers? Leave a comment and let me know! I’d love more ideas… We’ve still got more leftovers ­čśë

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