Meet Reginald!

I am in constant pursuit of turning my little apartment into a castle. Of course, castles generally have mounted deer heads or other game.

What about when you’re an animal loving environmentalist and all about sustainability?

Make one!

I found this instructable and knew why I had held on to those nice big flat pieces of cardboard leftover from the few items I had to buy from IKEA when I first moved in (there’s no way I was going to be able to get a sofa, bed or kitchen table home and carry it upstairs by myself so I had to get those ones from someone who delivers!)



Can’t take all the credit for this one, I did cut out the templates and stick them all to the cardboard. But when you’ve got such a handsome fellow around who’s particularly talented with a stanley knife, well, why not!


Then of course I took over again for the fun part…


The handsome fellow made the edges more rounded than the instructable, and added some stability at the base of the neck by cutting slits into the backing board and making little cardboard boxes to pack in the gap before we glued everything together.

And now,

Meet Reginald…


The newest member of my Castle staff.


I’ve printed the pattern and put it together with cardboard as a little ‘do it yourself’ gift for friends who are so inclined. You could of course paint or decoupage the cardboard, I’m told my brother is going to make his out of wood. I’d love to hear about it if you make one! Leave a comment or send me pictures…

Love Amanda

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