Europe on a Budget tip 5: Flea Markets!!!!

While they don’t really do op-shops here (charity/ 2nd hand shops if you’re reading from the UK) they certainly do flea markets!

This morning I headed down to the Flohmarkt with a friend and in search of a bike. I know that this is a sensitive topic, the word on the street is that most of the bikes there are stolen. I had a bit of an internal struggle about this but my fears were set aside with the fact that there’s little you can do about it and when your bike is stolen you go back to the flea market to by another one anyway. Someone else suggested I ‘consider it a rental’ which is right really, the bikes are very cheap and if I get a few good rides out if before it dies or is stolen I will still have got my moneys worth.

Anyway, enough moralising over the markets.

I love my new bike! It was at the first bike stall we went to and it’s perfect, in all it’s imperfection! For a bike like this in Australia you’d pay at least $100, maybe more, because vintage is ‘in’ and in Australia we ride less and have fewer vintage bikes to go around. In Europe, however, they are everywhere and considered completely average. YAY!

Here she is my 34euro pride and joy with the clearly stolen basket thrown in as a ‘gift’ from the seller.

Clearly stolen - see how someone elses lock is still on it. I have decided to leave it as it is, then someone can steal it from me and I'll go and buy a new one and feel better.

As well as bikes the market has fantastic old clothes, leather bags, furniture, jewellery, clocks, anything you can think of! I am in love with the Frankfurt Flohmarkt! Lucky I have to be able to carry all my belongings with me and am not setting up house here!

For more info on the Flohmarkt, days, dates and locations see this website:

Help me name my bike!

Now it needs a name! I’m thinking it’s a girl, that’s as far as I’ve got though at the moment, and of course you may think otherwise. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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2 Responses to Europe on a Budget tip 5: Flea Markets!!!!

  1. Yoho says:

    Fiona. And just because there’s a lock on it, doesn’t mean that it’s stolen. It could be that the lock was put on the basket so the lock didn’t get lost, but then the key got lost instead. 🙂

  2. iamacamera2011 says:

    Gorgeous bike, I am jealous. You must first ascertain her character before naming her, as with fictional creations 😛

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