Getting direct with the Germans

An older man just followed me on his bike.

I wasn’t making haste, I had plenty of time to get where I was going so I was meandering. I sensed that there was a bike moving slowly behind me and stopped to admire a building, partly because I wanted to admire the building and partly because I wanted to see if the bike would keep going.

It didn’t.

The man stopped and asked if I was looking for something, I sad no, he then he asked if I had some time. I said ‘nein leider nicht’ (no, unfortunately not) rather curtly. He got the message. Wished me a nice evening, to which I replied, ‘and to you, bye.’

He rode off ahead at the proper speed.

The reason I am sharing this is because it is a little achievement for me. Slowly I’m learning to not let these random strangers scare me. I’m learning to stand my ground politely but firmly.

I will keep practicing, politely but firmly won’t always work. When that happens I would like to try out Jose’s method. For that though I will need a little more confidence. I’l tell you more about that later.

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1 Response to Getting direct with the Germans

  1. iamacamera2011 says:

    Good for you! Sadly a couple of weeks ago, I was not so quick on the uptake as you, and got offered 50 euros a couple of times before I realised this was not a conversation I wanted to be involved in.

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