Europe on a budget Tip 3: Free haircuts!

Today I went and had my hair cut for free! And it’s a good hair cut!

A hairdresser I was walking past several weeks ago was advertising for hair models for the trainees to learn on. So in I went and booked!

This is a great way to save and stay stylish! I don’t know about the rest of you but when I’m on a tight budget hair cuts are the first to go, I used to go once every 6 to 12 months depending.

Of course having a learner cut your hair means that there is the possibility that something could go wrong. I wasn’t too worried about this though, they are very closely supervised by experienced hairdressers and are very eager to please. If you can’t find a hairdresser advertising for hair models just go in and start asking if they need them. Sometimes you may have to pay a cheaper rate and sometimes they will be free. It’s always worth asking!

I’ve also found out that you can book them for foils and colours aswell. This might just turn out to be the best hair year I’ve ever had!

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