Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax…

I should be sleeping. I won’t be happy about this in the morning! My alarm is set for 6:30am so that I can get to the council building by 8am to say ‘Hello Germany, here I am!’

I’ve already listened through three repetitions of my Deep sleep application. Which by the way worked really well last night. Tonight however for some inexplicable reason I’m all happy and excited and full of positivity and great ideas and the world is once again overflowing with opportunity!

I think it has something to do with the fact that tomorrow will be sunny and my having found a writer, a stylist and an art gallery/museum curator all in my area on the couchsurfing website (I can’t wait to send some invites out and see if any of them will meet me for coffee). All greatly aided by a healthy dose of perspective from reading a friends blog of her experiences doing the same thing in France (much, much worse)!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Much love,
                   Amanda, who has found the cool giant toadstools in Wonderland!

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