Lets get radical!

With help from the ever awesome Gala Darling, the epitome of what I ought to have done with my life, so much so that after reading through some more of her website I was ready to write to her and tell her it’s all good and well, but everything she’s doing is exactly what I ought to be doing but she’s already doing it!

Such is the story of my life so far, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ll have some wonderful epiphany, a lightbulb goes on and I think ‘that’s it! What a great idea! I’ll do that’ only to see a story on the news a short while later featuring some wonderful successful person who’s already done it.

Before approaching Gala Darling for assistance this time I put ‘career change’ and ‘how to change career without having to go back to scratch’ into google to see if that would help. I found –  http://www.quintcareers.com/finding_career_passion.html an article from a Dr. Randall S. Hansen and, sceptical though I was, having done this all before, I followed through his list of questions and began to type in answers where possible.

Having started that, I had a read over Gala Darling, thought ‘I’ll write to her tomorrow’ turned my laptop off, the light out and went to bed…

Somehow, in some weird ‘putting it out to the universe’ sort of way, it came to me. Not so much what I should do with my whole life, but at least what I should do next.

After questioning my entire studies to this point, my career choice to start with, my choices since then and if I’m going anywhere near the right direction I decided no and did an about turn! Strange yet exciting and liberating feeling. Somehow making decisions is such a liberating and empowering feeling. Even if almost directly after the decisions been made I’m here quivering in my boots thinking ‘oh goodness, what have I gone and done now?!’ The whole point to decision-making is that we do it when we are strong and brave, then later, when we are freaking out, it’s too late and we just have to go along for the ride.

So, ‘bling!’ on went the light and suddenly so many things seemed obvious and clear that had been waiting patiently before me the whole time.

Things that I love:

Living in a dream land where everything is pretty with flowers, bows and bubbles.

Red lipstick, nail polish and vintage clothing, if not antique.

Jane Austen Novels, romantic movies, fireplaces and old buildings.









tea parties

and there it is. I had an idea once that I wanted to open a shop just for cupcakes, but then as always, suddenly they were everywhere. Now i’ve realised – and again, reflecting on much encouragement from my ever supportive knight in shining armour – that doesn’t matter. Clearly I’m not about to try to open a cake shop in Germany. So what am I going to do? I’m going to find someone who already has and get a job there. I’m going to find a cupcake shop or other patisserie and learn from them.

Now, why has something so obvious been overlooked for… hmmm… at least 5 years if not longer? Well it all dates back, I think, to when I did work experience for a milkshake and ice cream bar in some small far off town a long time ago. I made a mistake with someones milkshake and was SO embarrassed. Since then, at least I think so, unless I’ve blocked out some other horrible experience, I’ve avoided working in food or food services like the plague. Even though I studied hospitality-cooking in year 12. While I still have no wish whatsoever to work in a restaurant or bar, I think it is time to jump the fence and give it a go. It seems like the most obvious and perfect combination of my favourite things and my skills.

…On went my laptop again and I madly ran google searches for cupcake shops in my local area and in wider Germany. Lucky for me there are a few.

This is going to be interesting, and difficult. I expect that I will come up against many people, knowledgable and worldly adults, telling me that I’ve gone entirely insane and that I ought to do something else, something that those people like to call a ‘real job’. I am decided though, and luckily I’m stubborn. This year is about me and finding out what I want, even if that means doing something radical, something which could end up on the ever lengthening list of what I don’t want to do with my life. There’s only one way to find out…

So now, finally and after 3 computer shutdowns and start-ups and now that it’s tomorrow already, to bed! Good night to all, sweet dreams of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and Ooompa loompa’s (unless you find them scary, then dream of something else) and send me all the insane optimism you have, I’m going to need it!

Much love!


(If you’re wondering where Jane Austen, knitting and all the rest come into it then you’ll just have to wait and see, and cross your fingers that I’ve finally found the career I’ve been looking for these past years.)

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