The obsessively busy

It is rather an odd concept, yet i’ve come to realise that being busy is addictive!

I imagine that for the most part people try to avoid being busy, at least they would prefer to be less busy. A common excuse is ‘I don’t have the time’. I’m a terrible abuser of this phrase.  Having time, or not having time, is really a question of priorities (as much as I have wanted to deny it in the past!) I’ve come to accept that really I do have the time, we all have the same amount of time, the reason I feel I don’t is because the to do list in my head is infinite and would need more than one lifetime to complete. Thus I’m measuring the time I have against not just one activity but several lifetimes worth of activities.  Still, I’m doing reasonably well, I think, at squashing things in. The funny thing is that at the moment my obsession with being busy and fitting so many lifetimes of activities into one, has me going to medidation classes to try to learn to be still!

On that note I’ll leave you, off to morning tea at Tilley’s then a writing workshop this afternoon, then the grocery shopping, dinner to cook and at some stage I would love to fit in a bath and some knitting. Let’s see how that goes shall we ; )

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1 Response to The obsessively busy

  1. jodie says:

    Amanda, Love the blog i noticed a very old cook book on the table is that your nana’s? if so would love to see it. Happy blogging, looking foward to the next cooking sarga.

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